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Life in Angular at LearnUpon

Just over a year ago, we put out a call. LearnUpon was (and still is) looking for new Angular Developers to join our rapidly-expanding team. With the right mix of experience, work ethic, and outlook, Nikola Stekovic ended up being the perfect fit for the role. 

Having been on the team for over 12-months now, we sat down with Nikola. We chatted with him about what drew him to LearnUpon, his enthusiasm for the development field, and what life is really like working with Angular at a fast-paced SaaS company. 

How long have you been working with Angular? 

I’ve been working in Angular since the Angular 2 beta phase. If I remember correctly, it was in RC (release candidate) when I first started. 

At the time, it was challenging. I had some knowledge gaps – I had to grasp the concept, architecture, and framework. In the IT world, it’s not only about one technology, framework, or position, you also have to ask yourself “why?” and “how?” to see the whole picture, and that takes time. 

I was also working in PHP (Laravel) as I wanted to dive more into the backend and see what’s happening behind the curtains. But, Angular was my main focus and I did my best not to lose track of the constant changes and upgrades to the framework. 

Why did you decide to focus on it?

From the beginning, I liked to write code in Angular. I gave other frameworks (libraries) a chance, but I preferred Angular. It’s ridiculously powerful and almost every project is structured the same. There’s a consistency that you typically won’t find with other projects. The scalability is unrivaled.

Why do you like Angular so much?

First, is the community. When I started working with Angular, I was searching for help all the time. In some situations, I had no clue what I was doing, but communities, like Gitter, came to the rescue. Everyone there helped me to become a better developer. Now, it’s come full circle. I see other people starting with Angular and searching for help, and I’m glad to be there to support them. 

Then, there’s RxJS. Even though it’s challenging to master, I gave it a shot.  Angular is built on top of it and it is fully reactive to it. I love reactive programming and like to play around with streams. I also enjoy that it allows me to create and combine custom event streams, and takes global events and keeps them localized. 

Angular is enterprise-focused too. Since it’s easy to set up using Angular CLI,  it’s well structured, so you can’t make crucial mistakes at any point in development.

Lastly, the frequent updates and upgrades. I know some think they are challenging to track, but I enjoy that. When a patch or minor version is released, I’m curious to see the changes and improvements it provides.

What do you like about being an Angular Developer

It’s hard to pick just one thing! I’m always having ideas, learning new things, and making progress.

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